Welcome to Production6!

Welcome to production6! This is the first blog post on the site so of course I will have to tell you what I have in store. I plan on making my site more than just a landing page. I want my site to thrive for not just customers, but for other designers and agencies, as well as for any one interested in what I've got to share.

My desk ready to get started

My desk ready to get started


Not only will I post about new design ideas brought to us by leading trends of the day, but also any new posts to my Behance, Instagram, and my online store for easier access. You won't have to come to my website to see what I have going on. I'll post any new blog entries to my Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and linkedIn. Make sure to follow me so you're in on the game!

I'll be posting other launch posts so keep an eye out for new posts all week long.