5 discounts this week at Production6 shop

5 discounts this week at Production6 shop

This week only I'll have discounts everyday. Follow me on Instagram to see what I have to offer. There will be one sale per day. Instagram will reveal the items and discount code, so follow me now! Go to my store to see what items are being offered today.

Not just one, but many

Some of you know my blog through one specific social media site, but in reality I have many. Here's something you might not know, sometimes I only share blog posts on certain sites. Follow me on all my Production6 pages to get discounts on everything from my shop to actual design work. Check out my website entirely to see if its worth the space of your social media.

You can contact me through social media, the footer on my website, David@production6.com, and my phone number 703_939_2688. Bellow are links to ALL my social media pages:

Major Lazer @ P6 show

Actually, its the other way around... I'll be at the Major Lazer show tomorrow in PA rocking P6 shirts with some friends, come find me. If you're wondering who Major Lazer is, watch his show here. Here's a video for those who already know and haven't gotten a live version of him fighting off his cohorts.