Trusted Choice Videos

Trusted Choice was a great company to work for, I enjoyed the experience and the atmosphere. One of my favorite experiences at Trusted Choice was them allowing me to create my own designs for most of my work, especially video motion graphics. Here are 2 small samples of what I created from video post-production.

DJ DocRok - Take it to the streets

DJ DocRok (now named Kid Cannibal) is a great client and now friend of mine. This was a personal project we both went into together. I produced, filmed, and edited the music video in a short 48 hour period. I enjoyed this straight to the point shooting and would love to do anything like this again (so if you're ready to go at it, lets do it).

Marsh, Copsey + Associates

Marsh, Copsey + Associates had a very quick turn around time, so planning and editing was a quick process. I enjoyed a lot of things in the production process, but my favorite was learning to efficiently organize.